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I totally believe I’m a furry,please help me understand you awesome people

Hello furry peeps you can call me POG. I have discovered your fandom and grew an affinity to your art and the suits, and I would like to get a good start into your culture. Can’t say I’m an artistic person but I bought a suit,and it makes me feel so cuddly and adorable,and Im like a completely different person when I suit up,(I bought the suit for upcoming vaccine parties and raves,and discovered a love for wearing the suit).

I’m not into the “deviant” side of the fandom,but I would like to learn from real furries what fandom I’m finding myself identifying with (please don’t give me blanket statements,I really want to know what interests you people about the fandom,and in general).

Not that it matters but I’m 21, hetero,and always found the fandom cringe until now,so for me to reach out and try to talk with other furries is a huge step for me.

I’m looking forward to your responses :)


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