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I Have No Species Problems — At All

Hmm…. you know, folks — it kinda puzzles me.

Why there are a few people — (on this Forum in particular, it seems) — that seem to think that I: “take issue” with certain species that are within this Fandom.

That’s totally ridiculous, my fellow peeps.

And it’s simply not true, deary dears……. and *honestly* — I have no issues with any particular type of species — at all, period.

And frankly — I find it a bit insulting, and also rather bizarre — that some people would believe this of me, (personally).

I’m simply not that kind of Fur — my Furry friends.

► And….. I don’t know *where* or *whom* this may be coming from — (probably with some users on here who take issue with me, personally)….. and, frankly….. that’s kind of their problem….. not mine.

But – (in any case): they’re totally flat out wrong – to suggest this…. and — I wanted to dispel this myth, (if I can) — right now.

I have zero problems, with any species or Fursona, or whatever — at all. ☺

That said, however:

I do love my coyote yotes, though ☺…… as they are, after all – my Fursona.


So there. ☺ :p

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