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I have an unusal idea (Protogen Guitar)

Hear me out, I need a project, something to do or I will eventually go insane… I picked up my Guitar again and looked and the head had an also familiar shape. I imagined how a protogen head on a guitar would look like and it struck me, did anyone done this before. I searched a bit and I could not find anything, sooooo now I am trying to do this ^^. What I also want to do is slap an arduino on that thing and use it as a digital multi effects paddle, I found a cool effects paddle with an open hardware approach by Electrosmash and an additional mod from a user called atoorian which integrates this into the guitar.

Currently I try to make a plan on how to approach the project and setup everything. If you have any suggestions I am open to hear them and integrate them into the project. This project will feature 3D- modelling and printing, electronics and software, my last project I have done is a few years back, but now I am eager to try it out.

Disclaimer I am not an expert at any of these, but I will try my best and make the project open to provide everything for someone who also wants to do this.


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