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How expensive is a computer that can run VR chat?

Been curious about this, since I’ve been seeing more and more about it. But my computer is ancient and computers are not really my thing.

Nosing about the net, I get the idea a rig that can do VR chat decently is gonna cost between $2500-$3,000 or more, but maybe this is too high.

Also, is VR chat easy to use for those not much into things like coding and spending a long time configuring things?

It looks kinda complicated, potentially…like the new second life, something that really confused me, in terms of how it worked.

Also, how fun is it, really? If I get a character made, what can I do with him? I mean, if I interact with others does the graphic part just work, by some kinda digital magic? Do various characters interact, graphically, or just kinda talk at each other? (As in: it just my avi, kinda walking around, looking cute?)

I’m confused as to what makes it so amazing, and even how a lot of it works.

*standing by for comments from computer-nerd and expert furries* :p


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