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How does your species fit into the world you inhabit?

It may be difficult to explain this one’s context here, as it is a two-parter that may not be well-defined, sorry. :)

Basically asking out of curiosity, (1) what is the relation of your particular species to the world/setting itself, whether you have an otherdimensional, or non-Earth (or at least non-*this*-Earth setting), or if you are just another denizen of this Earth right here where you sit in front of the computer/tap on mobile devices… and (2) what is your position in regard to other races of that world/setting?

Essentially, where did you come from, and how isolated are you in your backstory?

For (1)…. Were they created by a forgotten, now-possibly-extinct mystery, hibernating for millennia until only recently freed? Are they invaders from another dimension? Were they the product of genetic experimentation?

For (2)…. Is your character the last of their unique species – possibly through your own actions, or are you just one of many of your kind? A setting of one, a few, or many races?

Starting with myself, for (1)…

Paws is from a parallel Earth roughly the same as this one, originating in the year 2004. She was a late teenage Canadian human, a car and tabletop gaming enthusiast who, while visiting a gaming convention, volunteered for hypnosis along with an online friend visiting from the US. Due to Unforseen Consequences, both ended up mysteriously dead during the act, only to regain consciousness minutes later outside inhabiting the bodies of a fantasy display outside the room (a gryphon and eastern dragon, respectively). Though they are unaware of the reasoning behind this, it seems it is the result of interdimensional ‘meddling’ by alternate versions of themselves, that decided to pass them a ‘gift’ as they were capable of manipulating external realities in impossible ways, but sadly, not their own, in the hopes someday that they may gain the same ability to return the gesture.

For (2)…

Paws (and Bao, the dragon) are unique, for the most part. The world’s view on reincarnation is generally the same as it is in real life. They are unaware of the catalyst for their changes for the moment. While they are ‘animated’ to the point that they can move as simply as if they were living, with the exception of some unusual physics (Paws is quite large, but extremely light, and could potentially be blown away in a strong wind), adults perceive them in ways that makes perfect sense – Bao appears to be a person in a well-designed costume while Paws appears to be a pristine animatronic with potentially three or four operators either inside or outside. To children however, they appear as living immortal fantasy equivilent constructs, a real live, albeit toy, dragon and gryphon. Over the first few days, each adapted to resemble the physical characteristics they ennvisioned in themselves, both straying somewhat from the classical appearance of the creatures but resembling them enough to still be recognized as dragon and gryphon.

It turns out their incidents are, in fact, not limited to just them, and there could be other rare ‘creatures’ in the same predicament out there. Perhaps someday, they will all discover one another. :D

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