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How do you express your creativity?

Seems like this is becoming something of a habit, I guess I tend to be a little more thoughtful at night :p So this is a broad question that I tend to enjoy asking on occasion.

There are many ways to express your creativity.
Art, writing, humor, viedya games in some cases!

Personally I like a good game of DnD/Battlech, kind of kicking myself that I’ve put that habit on pause for a bit. But Tabletop has always been a wellspring of creativity for me, tons of choices in character, gameplay mechanics, and some really fun out of the box thinking for problems that may arise! I also do enjoy rps a lot too,there’s so much opportunity to world build, develop characters, come up with inventive settings and events. Video games can be a good outlet too, especially if it’s a mechanically deep one that let’s you really play with the mechanics in fun ways. Last but not least, as most on the forum have come to grumble over, I do tend to love finding ways to add humor to situations, it’s a bit of a habit of mine at this point. Just alot of fun with how creative you can get with the jokes and situations I think.

I always found DnD to kind of be the best of all worlds though, if you enjoy experimenting with gameplay mechanics, you can do it. If you like deep characterization? You can do that. If you like world building, you can even do that too.
Thoguh if I had a gripe, the randomness of dice does kind of grate on me quite a bit sometimes!

And here, I pass the mic keyboard to you humble reader, give me your take. :D

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