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How do I deal with my stalker?

I’ve had a horrible year, with a few important bright spots in it, but overall a devastating cluster-cuss.

I’m dealing with an awful ex who has been harassing me by any way he can, including stealing my art and video content.

The stress is so bad that I can’t think very well, and I went to the doctor due to chest pains and other concerning physical symptoms. Thankfully nothing is physically wrong with me, I’m just stressed tf out.

Here’s a Google Doc fully explaining the situation:

If you don’t have advice, that’s okay. Some words of encouragement would honestly help me, too. I’ve been feeling powerless and depressed, and my therapist says I need to start seeking help and support instead of bottling this up and isolating from others.

I haven’t been very active on the forums because I get social depression, I guess. It’s not social anxiety, because I think that would imply I’m scared of y’all. It’s more like I forget that there are good people here who like me and want to see me. I tend to be a hermit in fandoms and forums and other online spaces because I give up on people’s ability to accept, enjoy, and support me before I even start to make anyone’s acquaintance. So I’m sorry about that.

Thank you for reading, though. I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone and talk to y’all again. I miss being hopeful and confident and social.


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