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How did you come up with your fursonas name?

Akatsuri came from an old minecraft username I came up with after a toxic breakup with an ex (We had matching names by Kuroharu/Kurosuki.)
We’ve since mended things, and everything ks quite chill.
Taro came from a little indie game I played, I liked one of the characters names and played off of it. Taro became short for Kotaro, alas Kotaro Akatsuri was made! The identity came before the fursona. I planned long and hard on what I wanted my fursona to be. I drew several different species and posted in freebie forums to see who got the most attention, and my blue rabbit was the most loved. Her original name was Pyrss, a Goddess Blue Lop-Eared Rabbit. She still retains some of those aspects, but is now more of a Non-Binary figure. I have a few others now, but rabbits are absolute specialty, and Taro isn’t Taro without her signature look.

She is my true pride and joy, and represents the best of me.


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