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Hiring: – Seeking: Multiple Pieces; Character is a feral lioness

I am looking to get a few pieces of art of my character, Bijoux (reference included at the bottom of the post). She is a bit of an oddity as she is asymmetrical with her design and her reference shows both of her sides (top; left side, bottom; right side) and understand if this incurs a complexity fee (just let me know ahead of time if such a thing will apply as well as how much the fee would be). I am willing to spend, at most, $50 per piece. I have no style or posing in mind (though she frequently covers herself in mud to hide the “cursed” parts aka the parts in white so this can be included) though I do want the finished piece to be in some sort of color. She is currently a cub at the moment so it can be a cub picture or an adult picture, though it is feral only. The art piece may or may not be displayed on the site I RP her on (mostly as a profile image or coded into a table perhaps). Said site is located: here.

I ask that a price sheet and examples be included so that I can make an informed decision. You can post below or PM me here, I am willing to give out my Discord via PM for a quicker way to keep in contact with me.

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