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Hiring: – Looking for someone to complete a fursuit head!

hi!! I have a fursuit head base that I started but I lack the skills and confidence to finish. The silicone nose is already attached.

I have the furs needed, except one color but I can order that soon. I believe it is enough for everything but if not, I will of course cover those costs. I also have the mesh eyes. I also have ears that I can attach if that is easier.

I will pay shipping (to and from) and any extra labor costs. I was hoping for teeth, tongue and neck to be added as well, but I don’t have those and will pay for you to make them and add them. I also don’t mind being put on a waiting list! I am really eager to have this finished but I am waiting for paws and feet to be made as well so I definitely can be patient for this stuff.

This is a reference of my character:

And this is an image of the headbase I would be sending you:

image0 (1).jpg

Please if you are interested in helping, let me know your prices and some examples of completed work! If you know of anyone who is able to help me out, please refer them to me!


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