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Hiring: – Looking for someone to complete a fursuit head

I need head and neck furred and shaved.
Sending swatches of fur to figure out what the best fur would be.
need to figure out eyebrows, cheek blush and nose.
Mouth lined/lipped.
Floppy ears past shoulders with the patches and 1 heart shape ear hole.
Will send inner ear and patch fabric.
want back of head zipper for easier access.
Will have magnets and fans installed before sending.
I’ll be installing eyes, toung,teeth and her eyeshadow,eyelashes ect myself.
Will send more details/examples. Prefer someone who’s worked with schneedpardi Creations base or any other 3D printed base.
let me know your prices and some examples of completed work! If you know of anyone who is able to help me out, please refer them to me!


^this is just to show the shaving lengths I want on the head

Fursuit_Ref (1).jpg


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