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Hiring: – Caroline Cow Plush (sewing) ($350-$800)

Hi, I am looking for someone with good sewing skills for a custom-made plush cow. Please, show me examples of things you have sewn.

Type Of Commission: Sewing a Plushie of a cow oc.

Number Of Required Pieces: One

File Type: Null

File Resolution: Null

Size of plush: 20 to 33 inches tall.

OC/Other References: Caroline


Payment, Paypal: Paypal only

Payment Full Or Half: Half or full

Budget: $350-$800

Deadline: Four Months or less.

Required Art Quality (Put Yes Next to the one you want)
Is Bespoke Item: Yes
Flat With Color:
Cell Shading:
Soft Cell Shading:
Full Detail:
Other: Is a physical item. (Plushie)

Style Reference (The style you want to be done): Cute and Sexy


Send a copy of the artwork to email Yes/No: Null

Equipment of your character, Guns,Items, Clothing,Other: Green A-line dress with cream petticoat and lilac knickers, pink flower in hair.

More than one character Yes/No: No

Number of characters: One Cow

Require progress reports Yes/No: Yes

Is character Female, Male, Other: Female

Other Details to add?: Caroline has a Rosie pink blusher on her cheeks and she has a nice wide smile, She also may have a large bust. Her body type is tall but plump, her legs and arms are quite long but more or so thinner than the rest of her body.

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