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Hiring: ($75+) – Seeking Dragoness Character ($75-$120)

I’m currently looking for a dragoness character to purchase. They can be a custom or someone’s character up for sale/unsold adopt. The criteria I have is a bit.. specific, mainly because I already own a father and son duo and want to find a mother for them!

My main things I want are
– furred, or partially furred, with warm colors(browns and reds especially)
– a “regal” look(jewelry and things of the like)
– no wings, or small wings
– lithe frame (or just long, not noodle but similar in frame to corrupted Cynder from Spyro, just with more meat on her bones)

I want her to be her own standalone character, distinct from the two below, but also recognizable as the mother, if that makes sense?

Here’s the motherless family if anyone is interested:

The father, her mate

And the son,

(Apologies for the TH watermark, mainly just protective of them. They were both premade adopts created by Wia)

I am willing to go a little bit above my limit, but not by much. I’m not needing a full reference, just something similar to the boys above!


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