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Hiring: ($75+) – Looking for Pokesona design

I recently made a design that I’m not 100% happy with.

I want her to stay as a shiny zigzagoon but I would like her to have an outfit and accessories as well. I also want her to have actual paw hands vs just paws. I would also like her to have a more unique design.

For the outfit I want something spunky. I love this skirt here and would like some platform boots and maybe a crop top? I would prefer to keep a spiked collar as the neck accessory and maybe some spiked wristbands as well.

Budget is $75 USD or less. I want a full ref sheet including a clothed, unclothed, and at least one expression. Willing to pay extra for nsfw version. Can provide proof of age upon request.

Payment will be through paypal after a sketch has been agreed upon.

Please post prices and examples


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