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Hiring: ($75+) – Looking for a reference of anthro Owlbear character

Hello! Looking to get a ref sheet of my new Owlbear character. Looking to spend $75-$100.

Character details
Name: Vera
Species: Anthro Owlbear specifically Eurasian Eagle Owl + Brown Bear
Gender: Female
Build: 5’10”, 180 lb, Slightly Athletic (broad shoulders, strong arms/legs, toned but minimally defined abs), D Cup Breasts

Reference Details:
At a minimum I’m looking for front and back poses with “barbie doll nudity” in flat colors.
Other nice extras if you can do them within my budget (in order of priority): NSFW version of front pose; feral form in profile or 3/4 view

Please let me know if this is something you’d like to take on. Thanks for looking!

Some reference images:
Owlbears (for those unfamiliar, as seen generally body of a bear with owl head, feathers extending to chest and back, and along backs of forelegs)

Eurasian Eagle Owl (Areas of note I’m looking for: Orange eyes, black beak, buff feathers with dark barring, “vertical striped” look on chest feathers”)


Body shape (something like this minus the abdominal definition)/Pose (similar to the second pose but maybe replace barbell with a basic wooden quarterstaff)



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