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Hiring: ($50+) – Human/Humanoid OC, pregnancy portrait

Emphasis on the plus! This is a bit of a specific request and I am willing to pay accordingly.

Maybe it’s a bit odd to look here for human art, but there are lots of talented and active artists here, so I figured I’d take a shot!

As the title says, this would be a pregnancy portrait of one of my human ladies. (She LOOKS human at any rate, but that’s a longer story :p) Note that although this is admittedly a link of mine, the drawing itself would not require any overt NSFW subject matter. It would be her, all gussied up in her official regalia (*mumbling about in-universe stuff*) and doting over her belly. There would be a fair bit of detail on her dress, but I understand the limitations around that. For setting I’m a bit undecided, possibly walking a forest path or reclining on some ostentatious lounge.

I don’t really have much in the way of a decent ref for the character, but I am prepared to provide lots of detailed description and reference photos for the more specific elements! (Note that any photos would be for things like clothing reference and whatnot, this will NOT be of a real person). I also have a couple of Picrew images that I threw together a while back and will attach that here, but I’ll have some specifics to correct for the commish, lol.

Reply here if interested, for further details/in-depth discussion I can be reached by PM! I also have Discord, but pls PM first so I can send you my user# privately.


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