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Hello again,

I’m looking to hire for commissions. One or two pieces in the short term (the next few weeks), and others a few months down the line. The commissions are currently in the “general idea” stage and I’m posting to gauge interest and options.

All the commissions would involve the following human character:

Alongside various furry or feral characters.

Commissions could be M/M, F/M or ?/M and would mostly likely involve bare human feet. Though foot fetish content is likely, it’s not an absolute must.

At least one commission will involve vore.

Species can include (but are not limited too): Wolves, Lions, Dogs, Tigers, Cows/Bulls, Snakes, Worms, Horses, Pigs, Dragons, and so on.

If you have a character you’d like to pitch, feel free.

To apply:
Please DM me either on this site or Furraffinity (same account in the link). In your DM please include:

Your most interested content (ie: vore, M/M). Even if you’re willing to do any of the above content (and feel free to say if you are) specifying something in particular helps me make a decision faster.
Interested Species: specify which species (alongside furry or feral) that you’d be willing to do. If you have any particular characters (OC or otherwise) please include them here.
General prices.

Feel free to include any examples of your art, particularly if it contains anything relevant to the commissions.


As said in the opening, I’m looking for one or two pieces in the next few weeks, so the deadline for any applications for those two pieces will tentatively be Wednesday October 6th, depending on interest. I’m hoping to contact the chosen artist(s) around the same day. You could be contacted before or slightly after that date depending on the circumstances.

However, I am looking for other commissions later in November or December. So even if you don’t get contacted I may try to contact you at a later date.

Feel free to DM me with any questions you have.

I hope that helps.


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