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Hiring: ($25+) – Looking to commission multiple projects for 2 characters

Hello all!!
Me and my boyfriend have been talking for a little bit about getting some art of our D&D characters together and we were looking to find some artists for the jobs! We have multiple things we’re looking to get! We’re looking at a budget of around 120USD for each piece but this is pretty flexible, just kinda to give an idea of our ideal!
To start, here are our characters!


Sophie (on the left) is my boyfriend’s and Morthos (on the right) is mine!!
So we were looking to get 3 different kinds of art of them (you don’t have to be interested in all to post of course!! if you’re just interested in doing 1 kind that’s great!)
1, References!!
2, Just cute ship art!! Them reading together, having drinks or dinner, etc etc! Also some specific scenes we have in mind (like a first kiss and such!!)
3, NSFW scenes! We don’t have specific ideas yet, but we’re brainstorming and will be more than happy to hear ideas the artist has!!

Thank you all who look, and thank you even more to those who post!! We really appreciate you reaching out and can’t wait to see what wonderful artists approach us!


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