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Hiring: ($150+) – Steampunk Flying Dutchman/Renaissance Frigate


I am currently looking for someone to do an atmospheric Steampunk flying ship/Frigate themed art piece, preferably a wider piece so we can see the battle raging(although possibly a bit blurry due to being out of focus) behind the character as well with several flying ships between warring nations.

The character, my Fursona, will be standing in a ready position with his left arm and paw outwards while shouting “FIRE!” on the ship’s deck, aiming at a nearby out-of-shot enemy vessel. Dressed in a Captain’s outfit and a cutlass on his left side and a holster with a gun on his right side. For his hat I am looking for something Steampunk and less gaudy/fancy compared to what was common in the Renaissance era.

If you feel you are up to the task let me know down below. Refs for my character will be sent upon finding an artist as well as providing more details if need be.


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