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Hiring: ($150+) – LF artist to draw a Demon Doctor and his Human Patient

I am looking for a 2 character fully finished illustration with a background.

I am looking for cellshaded or painting styles mostly, but I am not picky on any particular style. feel free to post anything you’re offering

These two characters: Demon doctor – he has multiple arms and wears a large, heavy cloak of fur and feathers Human patient – mostly in loose fitting clothing and may look bruised/hurt or in bandages

I’m looking for something a bit moody in atmosphere. darkly lit. perhaps in a cave, a cluttered well lived in cabin in the deep woods, or a sort of underground cave dungeon background

I can provide plenty of reference for the characters and the gist of the pic i’m looking for. i even have some light sketches I put together to try and portray the base idea, but i would like it if the artist took liberties on pushing the perspective and angles a bit more than my sketches, rather than just copying them please!

this is my main idea!

but i have other scenarios of these two interacting that i can provide to give the artist as much freedom as they want.

PLEASE NOTE** these two have a very close, codependent relationship with each other, and there is a definite power imbalance between them. if you are uncomfortable with these darker themes and relationships, I ask that you please do not post. Sorry~

anyway, thank you for your time! :)


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