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Hiring: ($150+) – 2-character Police officer/detective piece

Hello there.

I am currently looking for an artist who can draw a rather interesting piece for me and a very good friend of mine.

The idea goes like this:

If any of you are knowledgeable about Longmire(it doesn’t really matter if you are not, it’s the references and poses that are important), I am looking for someone to draw my Fursona in something in an approximate pose and stance like this and a lever action .30-30 Winchester, and a cowboy hat. The car in the background is a lot closer(approximately 5-10 meters at most) and my friend’s fursona is leaning against the car with his own lever-action. Friend is a police deputy and my fursona is a detective. There are still a few details we need to hammer out, though

I will leave this thread open for about a week so people have a chance to see the thread and post below. If you are interested let me know below. ^^

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