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Hiring: ($100+) – Forum’s Return Protogen Illustration Commission!

Hello again!

To celebrate the return of the forums after a while of being down, I decided that I’d like to get an illustration of my Protogen character, Spark! Here’s the fun part, though:

The artist can participate in this two character illustration by including their Protogen character, or designing an artistic liberty Protogen to interact with Spark!

(Please note that I intend to pay in full for a two character illustration, I just want to have fun with the artist! :3)

Here’s the link to Spark’s ref sheet:

My budget is between $100-$200, and I would like to pay through PayPal, though I am open to other payment methods! I plan to fulfill payment my tomorrow evening, Thursday at the latest.

I’m excited to see what you all have for me!


Image above is by Tonkable on FurAffinity main site.


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