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Hiring: ($100+) – Anthro half body in specific pose

Hello there!
I am wanting to commision a half body of a fursona of mine. A scene of my fursona, Nikki, playing video games. Her ref will be below.

If possible, I’d like the perspective to be like a streamers view, slightly up, looking almst head on; her hands on the keyboard and mouse with an excited/focused expression, headphones on (the computer stuff like the keyboard, mouse, headphones, cord, and desk pad are pink. Desk is dark wood) I’ll see about adding a couple photo ideas to show what I mean. Maybe a blurred our bedroom background. Nikki would be wearing a simple graphic tee (I don’t want much focus on the breasts).

My budget is over $100, not trying get much more. Hard max $200.

Some notes about Nikki: She is a wolf (ik the ref looks a bit feline). She has square black glasses; piercings in her ears (see ref), septum, and right eyebrow; has a pansexual and trans flag braclet.

Something like this …




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