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Hi! Wanted to understand more about the community.


So here it goes… Sorry if anything offends.

I doodle original characters and make up stories since quite young, and many are actually scalies cuz dragons are my childhood favourites. My avatar is the first creature ever transformed into in a dream in my memory, i polished it abit and made it my debut in here.
All along the years I had dreams of myself being not human – aliens, theriantropes, robots, and met my doppelganger (maybe I AM the doppelganger.). I guess this is how my mind wanted to express how am I stuck in the wrong skin when I was young.
I also drew furry characters without knowing. Furries and scalies. Featheries give me hard time designing since there are “2nd arm pair” and “feather fingers” options. I prefer the “dino descent” option.

I am about 20 right now and preferences get changed since then. I draw sapient creatures (I think they are called ferals, isn’t it), and now, a plenty of monster girls. The furry elements still remained in my personal creations, as those famous creatures: kobolds, werewolves, lizardmen, beastmen.
By that time I get to know the furry fandom, albeit, the notorious side and how people think of. Zoophilia. Bestiality. All the NSFW art on those famous imageboards. To me at that time the furry fandom is something “I should avoid but I want to know more about it!”
At the same time when I pour more research into designing my monster girl characters in their original habitat they get furrier and scalier to the point that only the face and hand shapes and the upright stance are still humanoid. According to that scale it would be something around “verry furry”. Not full, but very.

I decided to face it, did some research and make a very late debut in the fandom with a more mature mind. I will throw the darker swathes of my mind to somewhere else since this is a safe forum. Just think me as one of those weird socially retarded virgin who makes people cringe with heavy, long replies on the internet.
I am very prone to blogposting, btw. Other than that, I lurk.

Here is my avatar pic, the dream dragon whom part of its existence is from the dream dimension. Although this looks quite okay, grave accidents always occur when I colour.



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