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Hi there… nerdy and nervous, kinda new at this, though have always had leanings…

Uhm, hi. My name’s Cade. I’m 24, almost 25, and I’m pretty new around here. I’ve never really thought of myself as a full blown furry, never had a fursona, but it’s always been one of many things I enjoy. Ever since I was a kid, I connected with dogs and other animals, and my attraction to furry art and stuff came from that I guess. It’s always just been something in the back of my mind, knowing that I could be a furry if walked down that path, but just have been a happy dabbler so far.

Recently, I’ve started thinking more about developing a fursona, exploring that side of me… and I kinda don’t know where to start. I can’t draw at all, so developing a “look” is not as easy as it might be. I’m a writer, though, so I can be descriptive, but it doesn’t feel the same as everyone else’s fantastic art. Any guidance, suggestions, insights, as I walk down this road would be wonderful.

I recently told my partner about my inclinations, and he’s happy to explore it with me, but he doesn’t have any experience with it himself (he’s more the regular kind of cosplay and video game nerd), so… someday, I might want to try more IRL, but for now, just developing an online fursona and learning what I like is what I’m hoping to accomplish…

Oh… I like a lot of different animals and creatures, and RP a ton, but translating “me” into “anthro”, think… golden retriever-ish, but with very red / red-gold hair and fur. I’m 190.5 centimeters tall IRL (about 6’3″), a swimmer/runner’s build (and I do a lot of hiking/mountaineering). Athletic in that way, but not a jock. Classic nerdy personality, would rather be in a library or lost in an audio drama or daydreaming a sci-fi world, than playing sports (but I can keep up ok). I wear glasses, though not all the time. I’m farsighted, so mostly need them for reading and stuff, not driving. My eyes don’t handle contacts well. Oh, eyes… hazel, and tend to look blue, green or some weird mix with brown, depending on what I’m wearing.

Uhm… I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland, originally, but I live in the States, and grew up on both sides of the pond. I graduated uni a couple years ago, an English and Mass Communications major, also minors in theatre and computer systems. Weird mix, but I liked it. I have dyscalculia, like dyslexia but for math related stuff, one reason I can’t draw or play music well. I love reading, and history, and science fiction, mysteries, classic literature, Shakespeare, YA books, horror, comics, superheroes, old movies, cartoons, oh, so many things. Oh, and I’m gay. And was a pastor’s kid, so… growing up the adopted, closeted gay nerd in Christian circles, wasn’t easy. I’m still unlearning a ton of ingrained self-hatred, but life is much better now than it was then.

I guess that’s it’s for now. Happy to be here, nice to meet you! :)

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