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Hi! Looking for new friends and Discord

A warm hello from me to you! (be warned, my english is not that great!)
I’m new to the fandom, though I’ve been lurking about for some time undecided whether I wanted to emerge from the shadows or not, but I’ve chosen to be brave and do so.
Since I’m new to everything and kinda lonesome, I’m looking to make some new friends in the fandom! If you want you can DM me here or maybe even share your Discord or a server that you know to be good and furry related (preferably a smaller one, so you can get to know people more). Short about me: She/her, from Denmark, loves to be creative in every craft, I do art and crochet and so on, I’m currently working on my first fursona and characters, if you want to know more ask me :)

Hugs for everybody reading this!


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