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Hi, I’m a sea cucumber. Nice to meet you.

I’m a sea cucumber furry and i recently emigrated to the UK to get a job as cleaning staff for a hotel.
I have hereditary anaemia but it is only very mild and just means i get breathless and tired after exerting myself.
I like to watch YouTube videos with friends and talk in the chat on streams with Twitch.
I spend a lot of my time looking at stuff and talking to my friends about it rather than actively taking part but that’s okay.
I’m a bit worried to join FA because they say it’s not very good for weird creatures like invertebrates.

I’m single, 23 and straight (hetero) and though i’m casually looking for romance i’m not really focused on it being someone from the furry community right now.
Though it would be nice to have someone who shares my furry-related interests.

My species is specifically the Herrmann’s Sea Cucumber (pic below).

They’re often green in the wild from eating sea grass, but they go brown in captivity from a better diet.
They’re basically a starfish with only 1 limb.
Like starfish they are important to marine health because they eat the toxins out of the water.
However sea cucumbers are filter feeders so they inhale and exhale water collecting the microscopic food particles as they do.
Rather than scraping it off the ground like urchins or starfish do.

I am looking for new friends and already someone in my new location has made a little puzzle game with my character in.
And lastly I’m a pred and not a prey.
In case you have that interest.


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