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Help : what is my style ?

Hello !

So ive been on FA for 3 weeks now and ive been drawing steadily since then, like 1 drawing every 2 days almost. With 20+ submissions i feel like people can have a good idea of what im able to do and so can help me by giving me feedback. I plan to do 3 thread about ME (public : *woohoo*) lol : about my style, my speed and my sketch-to-lineart process.
This first one is about my style, because its the one im the most concerned about !

So i feel ok about my anatomy, compo and color. But i feel like i dont really have a “style”, something that would make people say “oh its Klox who did that” and not another rando on internet. Maybe its because im heads down on my art so i cant see the common points between my different artworks, but i feel like im lacking a cohesive style.

THATS WHERE you can help me ! Yes, YOU lol Please check my art and tell me what you think : do you see something in my artwork that keeps coming back (color, structure, lineart style etc) ? Could you tell me what avenues i should pursue, like “oh i see X that could be somthing interesting to continue to improve, i dont see that often” ? if you dont see a style at all and are like ” everybody can do that” ( ( ╥ω╥ ) ), can you tell me what to do to find a pist to make my art more personalized ?

If you feel like you can add any constructive criticism, youre welcome to share too !

My gallery is here to find more examples and my NSFW ones. Also please dont hesitate to watch, comment, favorite or whatever, im craving interaction (。•́︿•̀。) sometimes i feel like posting on FA is like pissing in the wind lol AM I ALOOOONE is somebodyy there beyond this heavy aching feet…. (wolfs rain ? anybodys got it ? )

Some examples here :

Rainy guard day background fa sans pluie.jpg

ok you probably got the idea. PLEASE HELP


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