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Help me pick my fursona?

I previously had a fursona but I wasn’t as involved in the furry fandom as before so I’ve decided to start over and try to figure out what my fursona should be. I’m hoping if I describe my personality a little, it could help identify an animal that sounds similar to my personality.

I’m a very quiet and introverted person. I consider myself to be pretty aloof and don’t often like to be found in social situations/gatherings. I like to be alone most of the time so I guess I would also be considered a loner but that doesn’t mean I like to be alone all the time. When around friends, I’m super goofy and have a dry sense of humor. When out in about, I’m very awkward and shy and become a nervous wreck around other people. My hobbies would be drawing and occasionally hiking and collecting things in the woods which would mostly be animal bones that I find interesting.

I’d appreciate any suggestions you guys could give me! :)

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