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Hello, from a shy aspiring artist

Greetings, everyone!
I’m Dragonfiry, and I’ve been around here for years. I think around a decade or less.
On my way to recover my old account (Forgot the password and the old email I used ), I’ve been a lurker and an aspiring artist for most of my life, even when I thought it was.. Too late, I guess. I got discouraged and avoided any social interaction because I’m not the best at marketing myself, but seeing a post similar to mine not too long ago helped me writing this post.

I’m an aspiring digital artist and character designer, and I’ve been trying to split my “soft” side and my “nsfw” side and make some decent artwork. I purchased a course for digital art, and I’m sticking to it as I learn the “how to”.
My ultimate goal would be doing a full time job as an artist, as character designer and storyteller for other shy artist and people out there, lending out a support, or a place to vent. :)

As I mentioned, I’m not very good at advertising myself, I’ve been creating a carrd account, a couple social accounts to keep a portfolio (plus an Artstation, but I’m not sure how to fill it properly without being seen as “mediocre”. I think I’ll keep it only for character designs), and.. I’m coming here to get some exposure, but also experience and confidence as an artist. I don’t want to sound too cocky / selling oriented, please let me know if I am!
It would also help me lots to hear some feedback aside from the few friends / colleagues I have, since my contract expired a couple weeks ago, and I see this as an occasion to get finally out of my comfort zone, and seeking other people out to make friends, discuss freely and in the future take commissions. :)
What can I say…? I’ll try to best myself each day, and will try to be active on almost a daily basis (I’m not used to it)! I’m rooting for every person out here who’s stepping out like me, even if it means undergoing wins and failures.
Thanks for reading my rambles :)

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