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Hello everyone! | Fur Affinity Forums

Wuh-oh, I didn’t realize there was an intro-based forum! Ah well.

My name is Potoo, and I just started on the forums earlier today! I’ve only been on FA for about two weeks (under the same name!) and finally decided to stop in here and poke around.

I am a bit shy about this, as I’ve only been on a forum one other time, so I’ll just have to do my best about etiquette, I suppose!

I actually have 4 fursonas, but my primary one used online is Berry, who you can see in my icon! She’s a little pink kitty and I adore her :)

I’m also a fan of pokemon, and have been my whole life! My first game was diamond, and my first starter piplup! My favorites are weavile, zorua, eevee, scizor, skarmory, and lucario!

Ah, what else… oh! I’ve also been very into animals my whole life, and know a lot about them! I also do work for a local nonprofit wildlife sanctuary, stuff like feeding, cleaning and enrichment!

I’m running out of things so say so I’ll end this by linking my FA here. You can stop by and chat with me through messages if you’d like, I’d love to make some friends here!

My FA!


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