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Hello.. and the story of how I found the fandom

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say hi and share the story of how I recently discovered the fandom. I posted once already and it disappeared. I hope I didn’t say something that I wasn’t supposed to, and ended up getting deleted. Hopefully a mod can pm me if that’s the case. The story might seem like Its headed in a not so great direction at first, but it ends in a positive place.. so please read the whole thing if it sounds a bit discouraging in the beginning… I promise, I’m not a hater. :)

It’s kind of a weird story how I got to this point. I actually heard about furries (not the fandom) a long time ago, but what I was told was entirely inaccurate. To each their own, but what I had been told didn’t seem like my kind of thing. So I basically walked around for years with some misconceptions that I honestly didn’t think about to much.

Every time I heard someone make a comment about furries I would always be like “I need to see a furry for my self”… but oddly enough I never really looked it up on the internet. I always kind of had a picture of a certain scene from the movie The Shining in my head along with some other things that There is no point in going in to at this point.

Skip ahead to 2 weeks ago. I was at FanX attending a Disney panel when I got a text from someone that I was at the convention with. The text basically said that there was some furries in the convention center and that all of their heads were removed and laying on the floor, which made it even more interesting sounding. So I headed over to where my friends were and was kind of excited to finally see a furry.

I didn’t really want to bother them or stare at them or anything like that. It was a remote part of the convention center and they were clearly just kind of taking it easy for a minute… but I did try to see them as inconspicuously as possible as I passed by.

I guess my first thought was a bit of disappointment, because what I saw clearly wasn’t what I was expecting. So I went to talk to my friends for a minute when it suddenly hit me… it wasn’t the dude from The Shining or anything weird that I saw… but it was awesome! I had actually seen furries at FanX plenty of times, and always thought they were cool. I just didn’t know what they were representing. I honestly thought it was cosplay for an anime show or something that I wasn’t familiar with.

So after all that, I realized that everything I had ever heard about furries was probably BS and I was finally intrigued enough to get on Google. The whole thing really has blown my mind a bit, because not only was it not what I expected, it was something that I actually really love.

I’ve loved anthropomorphic animals my entire life. Disney movies were definitely the biggest part of that. So maybe I always just thought I was way too much of a Disney fan… but after some time reflecting I’d say that it definitely goes beyond Disney.
So anyway, I’m really excited to be discovering this whole thing because it really seems like a lot of fun… but at the same time I’m really sad that I didn’t discover it a long time ago when I was a bit younger. I guess that’s my karma for not looking into it for myself sooner.

I’m in my early 40s and while I wouldn’t call my self old, it seems like I’m perhaps a bit older then many in the community. I don’t know how common it is for people in my age group to just barely be discovering the fandom, but nonetheless, here I am! I don’t know where I’ll end up going with the whole thing, but I’m ready to find out.

Anyway. Sorry for such a long post… You guys truly are awesome and I’m sorry that there is so much misinformation out there.

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