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Has anyone ever experienced these new bugs & exploits being introduced in Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 10 from it’s updates?

We all know that Windows 10 gets bloated with updates twice every year, but it also breaks a lot of components every time, but mostly rarely.

But on the meat of the topic, almost every time since at least 2018, Windows Media Player continues to break certain features of the program, causing many databased to be corrupted, Audio & Video files not opening, & most of it’s functions not even working. It’s speculated that Microsoft is poorly maintaining their components being included in Windows 10, & Windows Media Player is no exception. It’s speculated that Microsoft doesn’t care about Windows Media Player being deprecated or discontinued, or they don’t even bother to bug test & fix their Windows 10 updates before release to make sure the components still work. And it’s not like Microsoft lost the source code to the Windows 10 version of Windows Media Player 12 or anything, it’s badly being broken in some instances.

Microsoft at one point planned to replace Windows Media Player with Groove Music & Movies & TV, but likely gave up on it likely due to PC software & games utilizing it’s supposed “Cross-Application Syncing” feature, & that removing Windows Media Player would cause these Games & Software to break.

Here is a few of these reports of some of these new bugs & exploits being introduced, most of them are from the WindowsReport blog:

Also, the developers of the Wine compatibility layer for Linux is not going to spend the time or resources to reverse engineer all the APIs of Windows Media Player anytime soon, as it consists of the above mentioned syncing features for applications, include PC Games & Software, as well as Microsoft products, all of which are not widely documented anywhere on internet forums, and were only documented by third-party developers who got SDKs from Microsoft. So yeah, as of today, nobody has done a reverse-engineer attempt for Windows Media Player’s APIs, not even using Virtual Machine software (VMWare, VirtualBox, PCem, Hyper-V, & QEMU) and very likely, it will never be done.

Why Microsoft still hasn’t bothered to remove Windows Media Player support in Microsoft Office, & why Microsoft still hasn’t ported the remaining Microsoft Office desktop applications to both HTML5 & Mobile platforms is beyond me. Maybe Microsoft just hates HTML5, WHATWG & the Open-Source community as money in general. It’s very unlikely in the future, but I want to see Windows Media Player open-sourced under the MIT License.

The closest things I can compare the Windows 10 version of Windows Media Player 12 in the “poorly maintained” & “completely abandoned” categories are these:

– for Poorly Maintained: Rockstar Games’ later digital distribution re-releases of the PC ports of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City & San Andreas. These later digital distribution releases of these PC ports mostly breaks a lot of things, including mod support, & mouse compatibility. But hey, at least there playable than the awful Xbox 360 & PS3 versions of San Andreas which was a shoddy port of the mobile version of the latter.
– for Completely Abandoned: Valve’s Half-Life Source. The SteamPipe update of the Source engine version of Half-Life 1 broke a lot of features & introduced new bugs, including but not limited to. Badly coded Ai, visual glitches in the maps (most notable c2a4c & c2a5c), lack of collision detection code for the tentacles, the sounds of scientists & security guards playing their pain sounds even when they aren’t hurt, and many more that breaks the game. Your only chance to patch the map related problems is to combine the Resized Maps (available on GameBanana) with the maps already included in Half-Life Source (though any chances of a unofficial “Maps-Only” patch is rather slim). In spite of these flaws however, It’s still better than the awful Half-Life 2 “Paid Mod” abominations Prospekt & Hunt Down The Freeman.

If you ever noticed these bugs from those articles that I put on this discussion, let me know, as Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 10 is very poorly maintained in later updates for Windows 10.

What do you think, should Windows Media Player be open-sourced to the MIT License, or should the Wine compatibility layer developers reverse engineer Windows Media Player’s APIs? Your opinion in this discussion here.

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