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Group Roleplay: Chaos Rises! (+21)

(Note: The following is a MATURE based roleplay that has lore ideas taken from the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy/ Age of Sigmar universe. It is intended to be a rather serious roleplay with combat and themes of daemons and pseudo-religious undertones. Only adults may apply.)

Plot: Recently strange cults have been appearing all around. Secret societies, cults, and organizations that claim they can offer power, prestige, immortality, and knowledge that is forbidden to most. They claim to follow a pantheon called Chaos and there have been rumors of them being supernatural and even monsters. Your character will encounter these cultists, and based on their viewpoints they can either fight them and stop them from doing unspeakable evils to the world, or they can join them for rewards beyond their compression.

1.This is a MATURE RP, your character could DIE.
2. This will have Warhammer lore in it, (at least with chaos and daemons.)
3.This will be a group roleplay on here. (Wait for me to make the starter please.)
4.The supernatural will be in this roleplay, (so expect some very out there ideas.)
5.For CHAOS players, I will bestow a “gift” to your characters based on their chaotic alignment. They can be a boon or mutation of Chaos.
6.Psyhic powers will be a major theme, (one of my characters I’ll play is a psychic named Amanda.)
7.Holy characters are good at fighting Chaos, so if your a PURE character, you can use “good” magic or “holy” themes to combat Chaos. Fighting normally also works out well too.


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