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Greetings from a corporate mascot creator!

Hello everyone!

It’s nice to meet the virtual furry community finally!:) I’ve never been involved in anything like Furaffinity, so my apologizes ahead of time if I’m not up to date on anything furry related. I really would like to get to know the community better:)

In the past, I have worked for a major theme park in making anthropomorphic mascot costumes (I won’t say which one due to privacy reasons), as well as being a consultant with others in the corporate business. I was in the process of transitioning into sports mascot making, but due to Covid, it’s been pretty rocky right now in professional mascot making. Hopefully, I can get back to what I do best, but it’ll be a slow transition.

I’ve interacted with several furries so far in my career, and I have to say that you guys are the best. Seriously. Nobody respects these costumes more than you guys. Every furry who has been a mascot performer has been the nicest performers I’ve met. I literally made this account to say that you guys rock:)

I’ll be doing a Q and A very soon to talk about the industry, techniques about how they’re made, and other cool trivia about corporate mascots.

Thank you guys so much, stay pawsome!


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