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Furry themed fighting game in development- Blazing Worldstars

Hello there, I’ll introduce myself here, my name is Scootie/Boujieshin. I’m a game dev and the director for Blazing Worldstars, a 2D sprite based fighting game bringing you back to the 90s arcade era of the fighting games, with fast paced 2D traditional fighting inspired by the likes of Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and Marvel vs Capcom!




Featuring the Enhance System! We have put a lot of time and effort into the characters and story of Blazing Worldstars. The gameplay is, however, perhaps the most exciting aspect of this game.


There are two distinct modes in the game: Normal Battles and 3v3 team battle formats. Within Normal Battles, the mechanics will feel familiar to anyone who has played Street Fighter or King of Fighters, thanks to the Enhance System (more on that soon). 3V3 Fights are similar, except that the fight ends when both players from a team go down.

Enhance System.png

So, what is the Enhance System?


In a nutshell, it is something that adds one more layer of complexity and strategy to the gameplay. Warrior Instincts, which are fighting abilities, cost a single bar from your Enhance Meter. To go into Enhance Mode, on the other hand, you need to fill your Enhance Meter entirely. This means that you need to be diligent about how, when, and why you use your Enhance Meter. Do you wait? Do you strike first? It’s up to you.


Other than the Enhance System, gameplay requires you to learn a few other things that will seem new. We have based the movements generally on the most popular 2D fighters. Attacks use a 6-button system, with 3P and 3K inputs in mind plus macro buttons for 3P and 3K. Again, of course, Warrior Instincts and Enhance Mode serve as a differentiator in attack styles and strategies.


Each fighter is working with a series of special moves and extra equipment, all adapted to the character’s personality and story.


In order to keep gameplay balanced and active, you can only parry while you are on the ground. This is similar to the beloved mechanics in SF3S. Use your parry to punish those who make reckless decisions!


Other moves include throws (which you perform via LP+LK and which you can tech by pressing in the direction your opponent is looking to throw you). Characters’ throws whose moves include command throws are, however, unbreakable; cancels, which you can use to break into different moves; and stingers, which you can use to punish an opponent making a reckless move with a heavy attack.


Striking an opponent making unsafe options with a heavy attack will lead into larger hitstun or crumple states, these are called Stingers! Look for the perfect chance to knock the wind out of your enemies and follow up to give them the business!


On top of all this, there are Desperation Arts, which are the “super moves” in Blazing Worldstars. Each character gets two Desperation Arts, to deal massive damage, though some Desperation Arts only work in Enhance Mode.



The current game you see before you contains 4 fighters, but this number will increase as content is developed. 38 unique fighters will greet you within the final product(And more)!


We have planned a unique universe for Blazing Worldstars. Rather than putting generic fighters up against each other, we have chosen to expand on the personalities you meet. Toward that end, we have enlisted world-class, voice actors to play these roles. Here they are!


Mésmerle Staiguichi: The premier shoto fighter, Mésmerle’s fireball play is also backed up by stylish fighting!

Batrice Avegue: Powerful and menacing, Batrice making the right use of his tools can get his opponents right where he wants them!

Matthias Buragi: A ninja with very aggressive rushdown play, Matthias excels at mixups and pressure!

Veil: A slippery individual who can both zone and counter zone, though he is a frail high risk/reward character!


When we started working on Blazing Worldstars, we knew what we wanted to create – because we knew what our favorite type of game was. To us, nothing was ever as fun as the 90s-era arcade fighters. You know what we are talking about: Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and Marvel vs. Capcom. This is a game that is proud of its roots, but also enthusiastic about trying something new. The Enhance System, combined with our nostalgia-inducing art, is exactly what this genre needs.

We can’t wait for you to try it yourself!

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