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Hello everyone, I’m Matt!
I like apples… but I’m allergic… Hiking… where I’m generally suffering allergies, and animals…. which you guessed it… allergic!
I never considered myself a furry, however my codevelopers have assured me that I am.
What can I say, Judy Hopps pushed all the right buttons :D
Anyways, Indie game developer working on a free lewd management/survival/strategy game, which will heavily feature genetic engineering (including cross species genetics, up to anthro), and cybernetics. We have a team of around 30 volunteer contributors, and are always looking for more people interested in contributing — most especially modelers or animators.

I’m not certain if I missed a rule regarding linking, I tried looking for one, but anyone who might be interested in learning more about our game, or better yet helping out, is welcome to join us at our discord.


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