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Furry Christian themed Discord server!

Hi all! I have been with the furry community for quite a good bit of time – probably on or pre-2000. In my time I’ve been able to frequent various furry themed mucks, Second Life areas and other communities, though since becoming a Christian as of just a couple of years ago, I’ve noticed relatively few if any areas that cater to furs who identify as Christian.

So, ..I went ahead and made a server on Discord for Christian furs! It’s a place where furries who have given their life over to Christ can come and socialize and relax without having to worry about feeling ostracized for their faith. It’s also a SFW area, which can be helpful for practicing Christian furries given how easy it is to bump into adult content while wandering about online. I’m hoping for the server to be a great resource for those who have made being a Christian into a big part of their lives.

Here’s the link that will take you to the server:

It’s a new server, so I don’t really have many furs in the community, but I pray that you and others will help me to make it into a fun and friendly place! Also, you certainly don’t need to be Christian to be a part of the community! Just be kind. <3

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and I hope everyone has a wonderful day.. :)

Edit: Including the link for a straight-forward invite right to the server itself rather than on how to find it through a server list. Should be much quicker and easier for finding the place. Thank you! <3

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