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Furry Card Sharks surveys | Fur Affinity Forums

Thanks for joining in the voting, Simo! All the other questions are still wide open. It’s kinda daunting now that there are over 150 of them going, but feel free to pick and choose the ones that apply and interest you the most. And if you think your watchers and followers might be interested too, we’d certainly appreciate a little signal boost.

Also, if you come up with your own questions, whether about skunks or about anything else furry, you’re welcome to send them in. Yes-or-no or this-or-that questions are what we’re looking for. Just PM them to me here or on FA. If we use them, you’ll get submitter credit on SurveyMonkey and again when the question comes up in the game at a con. :)

There’s a crew that puts the game on at some anime cons (with anime-themed material, of course). Might that match up with what you remembered?

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