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Full Color Commissions, starting at $5! (SALE!)

Hello, I’m new to FA and super excited to join the community with my art!!
I’m currently in need of money for my new puppy! She will hopefully by my therapy dog if I can get enough money saved up to train her!
I’m also heading to college next year, so anything helps a ton!!

I’m willing to anything SFW, light-mild gore, maybe slight NSFW, nothing full on. Can do anthro and quad forms for most animals! I’m also more than happy to work from a description if you don’t have a reference for your character yet! We can work together to make it fit your vision perfectly! :p
Each of my commissions come with 2-4 FREE sketches for you to pick from! Once you pick a pose/expression, we can work to fix it and make it exactly what you want! The other sketches are for you to keep! :)

Edit: In the post below this one I’ll be updating (hopefully, as I remember lol) finished commissions to show more examples!!)

More places to find my art:
dA: SilenceArtist on DeviantArt
Tumblr: Triscuit Cafe
Pinterest: Tris Cafe (triscuitcafe)

I can do a painted/textured drawing or a clean one!
Painted: Yellow-DancersArts
Clean: taako playlist cover

(SALE!!, 50% off) Full color, shaded headshot/bust: $5 (Add a detailed BG for $3!)

Fullbody colored sketch: $15! (Add a detailed bg for $5 and an extra character for $5!) *2 character max

Fullbody line, color, and shade: $20! (Add a detailed bg for $7 and an extra character for $10!) *3 character max

Simple Sticker Style- $5 (+2 for every extra character!)

Pokemon Team and Trainer: $40 (Full color and shade with you/your trainer/oc with all 6 of their pokemon team!)

PM me if you’d like more examples of finished commissions, or check my FA! I try to upload them there as well :)

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