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Free to use: Seamless Textures Pack

A Pack of Seamless Textures by Neeoray.
● The pack contains 80 textures of my production, most of them are made from photographs of different surfaces: “natural” and “artificial”, 40 textures each;
● 79 textures are seamless, meaning a texture can be tiled several times without obvious seams between it’s copies;
● Images have one of three sizes: 1024x, 2048x, 3072x. Most of them were converted to jpg with no visible compression;
● These textures are universal and can be used in 3D, digital painting, design, etc.

You can modify them and use in any projects, including commercial ones, crediting is optional:
Post on Fur Affinity
Download from Google Drive

> You can find usage examples on my art pages : Fur Affinity, DeviantArt, Behance and others.
> For exclusive content (works in progress, screenshots, photos, etc.), feel free to join my Telegram channel: neeoray | neeostar.
> Check out my other thread on this forum: The Neeostar Project and Commissions by Neeoray.
> If you want to support me, you can do it on Ko-fi and Patreon, I would be very grateful! =3


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