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Free Art: – Two-page comic slots giveaway (sfw, lingerie, possible strong language)

Some of you might know that recently I’ve moved to another country, and unfortunately cannot yet open my PayPal and as such: open commissions. I’ve been doing a lot of personal work, but I miss drawing other peoples’ characters too, and before I find a solution (ko-fi might just be it), I have decided to slowly give away any YCHs I have left, and maybe make a couple others for ya’ll. This one has been lying there for a while, and so, I want to give it away.

To participate, please, click on the link/image above, or using this link right here to read the rules of the giveaway and take part!

I can answer any questions here, but would like to keep all the entries on the main site, and as such would like to warn you all: if you’re going to join via the forums, you will not get your number, and will not join the raffle! :C Please, let’s keep everything in one place, that being the main site and once again posted link to the entry where you should participate in the raffle! Thank you!


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