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Free Art: – Taking drawing requests[Open]

It does look quite good, obviously if you wanted it to be perfect you’d do some erasing of lines getting in the way so i won’t bring that up, in a lot of places it is kind of messy, so as i mentioned with erasing, it is important to draw carefully and lightly and erase mistakes. A good skill to practice is very light drawing, so once you have the sketch done you can go over it darker, that way you can erase mistakes without it leaving a mark you can’t fully erase. The bone/wing i think needs to be moved a little, it looks like it starts right at the butt which while looking at the wing at first- looks fine, once you take a second look you can tell it’s off. Getting position can make or break something sometimes, so just do be careful on that ;) that’s all the feedback I’ll give for now. Hope it helped!

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