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Free Art: – Showing off your beach bod!

I found a photo reference of a female model showing off her bikini via Pinterest for practicing female antomy even tho I drew females many times) to polish my drawing skills. I watched a few youtube videos on how to draw sexy female human characters and I decided to give it a try with my art style.

I might do few slots of this YCH I’m offering for y’all.

No avians, equines, robots/cyborgs, and humans.

The summer is here, yay! Time to show off your body with some cute summer-y outfits! I’m not good at drawing clothes, but this art gives me a chance to practice drawing clothes. All you do is give me your visual reference and what outfit you want your character is wearing. Nude is fine for NSFW or SFW.

Female, She-male or Herm.


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