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first @Zerohi , @lenago , @Sapphire-Wolf , @CaitlinSnowLeopard ur requests are awaiting you on my profile (idk what kind of links i can use on this forums so heres my profile)

sorry for any inconvenience – next @Geowlett im sorry to say ur character scares me and idk if i can do them as a request – dont get discouraged tho im goin to put in on the back burner for if im feeling up to the task – also i assume shes a bat but unsure i may just make her feral even tho i planned for anthro. NEXT @Universe and those following after them i originally took on the first five requests to try different styles and see what i need to work on – however that is no longer the case – i am still accepting requests but 1 as i see fit and 2 they will be of lower quality then a finished image so if u wish to pull/change ur request thats fine by me – FINALLY to any coming in after this message again i accept these requests when and IF i see fit so just because “i got here first” doesnt mean ur next or may even get done – please its free art i ask for ur cooperation and above else PATIENCE so in advance thank you.
sorry for the long winded message but i felt some things must be addressed

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