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Free Art: – [SFW] Taking requests!

Hey everyone!! Hope y’all are having a good year so far! :cool:

I’d like to start taking requests here to practice my furry art! I’m excited to hear and see everyone’s OCs! Art examples are attatched, but you can also find my galleries in my signature!

NO NSFW. This includes fetishes. I may be an adult but it just makes me really uncomfortable, please keep your references SFW.
Please have more than one reference! Also, tell me about the OC, their species, personality, habits, goals, whatever you want to share! I wanna hear about them!!
One OC per person please! Couples maybe…. only if they’re too rad to be separated.
This is not first come first serve, I will pick. If your request isn’t drawn then wait a week and post a different OC! But please don’t be upset if I don’t draw yours the first time!!
Sometimes I record speedpaints while I draw, if you are uncomfortable with your OC being in a video, please let me know!
Not reading these bulletins may mean you get skipped, sorry! not sorry

At the moment I am not experienced with: Insects, Dragons, and Protogens. You can request them of course, they just might look really bad lol.


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