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Free Art: – (Open, 1/5) Please help me practice: Digital edition


Hello! Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I was present in the forum a good while ago, mostly trying to improve my, at the time, traditional art. Recently I’ve adquired a drawing tablet, and am in the process of learning how to draw digitally. As such, I’d be very grateful to answer a few requests to help me sit down and force myself to learn :3
Give me a reference of your character + the pose / setting you have in mind, but bear in mind I’m still learning and not very good with more complex aspects.

– Requests might take a bit, as life sometimes gets in the way, so please be pacient ^^
– SFW and NSFW are accepted (Message me privately to discuss NSFW)
– Requests will be posted publically on my FA page

1 – Wizzy~

Here’s my FA page (Includes NSFW):


Red Hood.jpg

Thank you in advance ^w^



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