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Free Art: – Looking For Characters To Experiment With [0/3]

Hello! I am primarily an equine artist but I’m looking to improve my skills with furry characters. I’m looking get 3 different characters for practice!
I’m open to both SFW and NSFW, pinup style, etc.


  • This will not necessarily be first come first serve. I would like a variety of characters to experiment with, so if I get three wolves in a row for example, I will only be choosing one.​

  • These images will include a simple background, like in the example image.​

  • Please include a few details about your character to help me pick (loves snow, always moody, loves ice cream…anything that might help make the image suit them better)​

  • Please let me know if you’d like something in particular (SFW, NSFW, pinup, certain bg, etc). I make no promises, but I’ll keep it in mind.​

  • These images might be shaded simply like in the example, or may be completely different. These are experimental, thus I will be playing around with it.​

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