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Free Art: – Fightiiiing! (2 characters fight)

Hey everyone!

Please read the whole description before sending your character, I made it pretty short! Thanks!
I’ll draw fight scenes with 2 fighters, it’s for training and it’s pretty new for me, so the results may be a bit (or totally) off. Don’t hesitate to give me feedbacks afterwards!

Here what you must do to join:

  • Send only one character with reference
  • Agree that your character will randomly fight against another character and can be harm during this fight
  • Tell me how your character fight (example: karate, boxing, fire magic, sending ghosts etc)
  • Thank me after the drawing is done and tell one thing you like about that drawing (yeah sounds a bit awkward but really if you can’t thank people giving free art… you’ll just make artists disgusted with giving and everybody will lose)

I will not put much effort on the weapons (I’m more interested in movement/action) so if you have specific weapons in mind, tell me, but know that I will just make a basic search about it and it may be really badly rendered :D
Joining or not, I hope you’ll have a good day!


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