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Free Art: – Art, Customs, Redesigns

Welcome to my art freebies, redesigns and customs!

I’m offering those and they’re most likely always open BUT I will only do them when I feel like it. Otherwise we can do an art trade or you can commission me, once they’re open (soon).

Will draw
Most ferals (felines, canines,…)
Pokemon/ Fakemon/ Fusions
HTTYD (Nightfury, Lightfury, Nightlight)

Won’t draw
Furries / Anthros
Hateful art or similar

For the freebies, post as many as you want: 1, 2 or folders. I might go for them whenever I need sth to warm-up, inspiration etc.

I don’t mind complex designs, challenge me~

Freebie: Send me clean refs of your character you want to get drawn.

Redesign: Send me a clean ref of the old character but the new design is on me.

Custom: Be as specific as possible with moodboard, animal references, etc. I won’t go with text descriptions only but they can be an add-on, so give me as many refs as you think is necessary.
Don’t know yet, if I’ll go with accessories but you can try.

Also: The art, designs and customs I do, will be used as examples for my commissions, so be okay with that. Don’t comment, if you’re not fine with that.

Art examples can be found here

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